Screenscribe.TV was founded in 2011, combining a network of TV news and reviews, programs, and showbiz into one platform.

Now in its 6th year of operation, Screenscribe.TV serves over 5 million readers every month and is becoming the pre-eminent home of TV news and reviews in the UK.

We at Screenscribe.TV talk about all the latest TV shows, movies, films, and basically every level of entertainment. Our discussion forums reach over 400,000 users each month.

Since the beginning, Screenscrube.TV has established her team of digital officials to make what it is today.

Meet the Team

Mary Cameron

Founder of ScreenScribe.TV

Mary founded ScreenScribe.TV and manages the editorial team to bring in 10 million monthly users over 50 pages of new content a day.

Nick, 27


Nick provides weekly content that covers all the Showbiz news there is as quickly and entertaining as possible.

Jessy, 27


Jessy shares her TV addiction with all the latest scoops on TV news, reviews, spoilers, critics on talent shows, as well as interviews behind the scene. As a Liverpool native, Jessy looks after all the reality TV favorites, including her favorite – The X Factor.

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