With an endless number of American reality shows, there are a few reality shows to check out in the UK. If you are looking for more local reality shows with all the feels, we’ve listed down the best British reality shows to 2017.

Here are 4 addictive reality shows to watch in the UK.

The Great British Baking Show

Do you enjoy watching America’s Cake wars? While Cake Wars invites professionals to compete, The Great British Baking Show is full of amateur bakers from across England and the UK. While there is nothing unprofessional about the British series, each episode allows the group of contestants to impress their judges with their baking creations.

An Idiot Abroad

Are you a fan of America’s reality hit TV show, Jackass? An Idiot Abroad shares broad similarities as each episode is about Gervais and Stephen Merchant send Karl Pilkington on missions to different places and awkward situations. Pilkington does everything from going to a “cuddle party” to meeting a gorilla, learning to samba for the Rio’s iconic Carnival, and more.

Heir Hunters

As a show about researchers contacting relatives, the series is more about finding hidden or lost heirs to potential fortunes. The show follows the researchers who race to find long lost relatives who are beneficiaries of the estates of those who did not leave a will behind. If not found, the funds will go to the British Treasury.

Slum Survivors

The British series highlights the workers on the lowest level of the professional ladder. Apprentices who have technical jobs like mechanics or plumbers are taken from their British job to work the same position in Mumbai or Nigeria for 10 days. This series is interesting if you want to see how one job varies in experience in many countries.

Do you enjoy these reality shows? Comment below and tell us which ones are your favorites!


4 Addictive Reality Shows to Watch in the UK